Partnerships, Build Coaches and Realtor Disclosures

WhiteBox collaborates with local Realtors in your area to bring the best information to your fingertips. These are agents that focus on new construction in your area. 

In Cincinnati, we’ve aligned with the following as our “Build Coaches”. You are welcome to connect with them directly through the site or by their emails or phone numbers below. 

Michael Hines
Coldwell Banker West Shell
Build Collective Team
License Number: 20070057272
Broker Number: REC 2008002470

Mike Hines is a Cincinnati Native and a Building Savant, at least that’s what he tells people! He knows virtually every builder in the Cincinnati tri-state area and can offer some mean advice on each and their process! He has guided dozens if not hundreds of people through the building process and to our surprise, most of them like him! Mike’s better half, Logan, and his daughter, Poppy, help keep him grounded and out of trouble most days.

Mike is a licensed Real Estate Agent with Build Collective of Coldwell Banker West Shell.

Matt Stanley
Stanley Realty
License Number: BRKP.2011000130
Broker Number: REC.2011002093

Matt Stanley is one of the founding members of WhiteBox.  He is considered by most to be the “Horse Whisper” of building a custom home.  Matt can help you tame this wild beast known as “building a custom home”.  When he is not at helping clients create a fun and exciting home building experience, his patience is being tested by his two boys Andrew(6) and Jackson(3).  His wife Erin has also put up with him for 10 wonderful years.

Matt is a licensed Broker with Stanley Realty of Madeira, Ohio.

We are always looking for knowledgeable Realtors, Partners, Builders, etc that can add value and information to our users. Please inquire to if you’d be interested. 

Builders or Advertisers

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