8 Ways to Not Feel Overwhelmed When Making Selections


Top 8 ways to NOT feel overwhelmed when making selections for your new home


Building a home can be an AMAZING experience! It can also be a horrible experience for people! Here at WhiteBox we try to put your mind at ease about one of the most stressful parts of Home building.... THE SELECTIONS... (Que the Halloween Movie Soundtracks). Below are the top 8 things you need to do in order to enjoy the process of selections.

1. You have a TON of selections to make. Get over it! You have PLENTY OF TIME! Ask your WhiteBox rep to help you with prioritizing the selections into small manageable chunks.
2. You don’t have to know EVERYTHING! The biggest stressor we hear from people is they don’t know what they want. That is fine! During the selection process you don’t have to! That is what you will be sitting down with the professionals to look and discuss all your options. Take your time and have fun with it.
3. Keep great notes! Most builders have systems in place to record your selections but it is always great to write things down as you go through the process so you can remember what is discussed in each meeting. Cell phones are great! Take pictures as well!
4. Selections aren’t set in stone. You can change your mind! Relax here. Most builder you can change your selections within a certain time period. As long as items aren’t ordered. Even if they are, there could just be restocking fees and small fees from your builder to change. Most people get so stressed out by this they get paralyzed. Don’t do that. We are building houses here. This is NOT life or death.
5. Your builder or WhiteBox rep CAN and WILL help you narrow down your selections. They are here to help and have their clients comments and feedback from homes they have built in the past. Experience helps!
6. Let your builder know how you like to operate. More space. More help. More communication, Less Communication. It always helps to let the builder know how you like to make decisions. It is tough for builders to read people and how they like to make decisions.
7. Can I live with this after 1 month? That is the question you need to ask yourself when you are agonizing over something for a long time! We are amazed about how people can take something so small an agonize over it for a month when deep down we know it won’t matter to them after they move in and living their for a couple weeks. Try to take deep breathes and ask yourself that question when you are agonizing over something.
8. Know your style and try to be prepared. Utilize Pinterest and Houzz to get your styles nailed down and keep revisiting those when making decisions. This helps you be prepared as well! When you are stumped, go back to what inspires you through photos. This goes a long way to limiting stress and helping make selections.

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