Who Do I Talk to First? Builder? Architect? Agent?


 Who do I talk to first? Builder? Architect? Real Estate agent?

One of the many struggles we hear from people that might want to build a house is “Who should I reach out to first?”. Should I stop out a Model homes? Do I call my realtor and ask for advice? Should I call an architect to start off the process of building? All great questions that MANY people struggle with.

Builder: The builder is the one that brings the project to life! This is a VERY hard job! If you talk to a builder first they could try to sell you on all their current lots/plans with minimal variations or try to fit you into one of their house plans without any changes. Remember each builder has their own “Niche”. None of them are great at everything in every area. If you want to have someone creative and have a completely unique home you might be thinking you should talk to an Architect. There is tons of research needed and several long meetings with each builder to talk about their pricing and to feel comfortable with them. This is your dream home and you should try to find your perfect fit. You want to make sure the next 8-12 months of your life are with the correct builder. Just to get started with what builders to talk to can be confusing! Some are quicker to build with and limit what you can pick out. Some are built for truly custom work and it takes longer to build. Some builders are less expensive and you get less attention and less custom work. Some are more expensive and you get more attention and are highly custom. Some understand changes and some will limit changes. Even after being in this business for a long time it can make your head spin.

Architect: Architects are usually the artist of a project. They spend lots of time in schooling and crafting their trade. If you talk to the architect first you could be wasting time because you don’t have your land picked out yet. One of the biggest complaints is they are not as “in-tune” with the budget as a builder is. But they are typically more interested in style and a builder more interested in functionality and problem prevention. They are typically VERY creative are great with brining your ideas and dreams to life.

Agent: Real estate agents are great in their own right. Most understand property and home valuations and what to do and what not to do when building your home to make sure you maximize your investment. However, most agents understand very little about construction. They only have relationships with 1 or 2 builders or architects and its more difficult and longer for them to obtain a commission on a new construction home.
Regardless of how you feel about each of these 3 individuals. They ALL have great qualities about them that can make you have a WONDERFUL new build experience.


What if I told you you can have your cake and eat it too? At WhiteBox, our value proposition is to streamline the building process. To understand your wants/needs and quickly and efficiently get you on the right track and with the correct builder and or architect. We believe the building process from the moment the idea of building comes into your head to the moment a shovel is in the ground is WAY to long! We want to get people on the right track and help guide them and do it quickly to help them stay excited. At WhiteBox we are all these things and more. We can help guide you through these very confusing times.




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