What's Stopping you from Building a Home?


What’s stopping you from building a home?

To the prospective homeowner, very few things beat the feeling of building your own home to your taste and specifications. However, as grand and enthralling as this sounds it is one pathway to owning a house most people avoid. There are many reasons for this, and if the thought has ever crossed your mind you were probably thinking; 

It costs way too much 

As is with most things bespoke, you probably think building a house to your taste costs more than outrightly buying one.  The truth is when you take into consideration the empirical value proposition of building your own home as compared to buying one; it comes out cheaper than the latter. A new home will on the average set you back by $ 289,000, older homes, on the other hand, typically max out at 230,000.  However, because new homes are usually more spacious than their lower priced counterparts you are actually paying more when you consider the price per square foot of the two options.  New homes cost $103 per foot, and older homes cost $123 on the average. 

Then there’s the maintenance cost. Older homes come with a significant degree of wear and tear which means they’ll need more maintenance runs (or sometimes outright replacements of worn out structures). With a new home, you get everything you want in a brand new premium state. Emphasis on ‘want.’ While older homes pack a variety of features, most of which you might not need (but you still pay for), building a new house allows you to tailor the feature you need to a custom fit.

It’s tedious and you’re inexperienced in the uncharted territory of building homes 


Building a home is not your everyday trip to the grocery store. You have to plan efficiently, make appropriate changes to your schedule and more importantly conduct a mountain of research.  But the same can be said for buying as well. Finding the perfect home is not a day’s job. Aside from the researches, schedule changes, and other extras, the process itself can extend for months. Some people end up not finding what they were searching for in the first place. 

That being said there are several ways to lighten up the load that comes with building a house, the most effective of which is making adequate and thorough plans. Have a timeline prepared of how you intend for the building process to unfold. Make necessary provisions then hand this over to your preferredbuilder. Speaking of builders;

I’ve heard eerie stories about builders 

And some of them are true too! Like every professional field out there today, the construction industry has its fair share of the good the bad and the ugly. Staying clear of the money swindling antics of the bad and the poor quality jobs of the ugly is a function of the amount of due diligence you put into your research process. An excellent place to start your search would be from consumer-centric review sites. Or better still, you could ask around for established local construction agencies with a long-standing track record of quality and cost-effectiveness. Either way, get as many quotes as is practically possible and ask for licenses, professional certifications and even proof of insurance before committing to a builder. Aside from providing an insight on the proficiency of each contractor, quotes help you derive a bigger picture of what the market pricing for your project should look like. But then again cheaper is not always better, your goal should be finding that sweet spot between cost-effective and optimal quality. 

I don’t think I’m particularly fit to make home design decisions

Virtually every prospective homeowner felt like this at one point and unsurprisingly so. With home designing what you’ve conjured up in your imaginations might not necessarily pan out to be what it felt like when put in place. Worse still it might not be fitting to your needs or the overall architecture of your proposed house. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot build your dream home complete with all the custom features you desire. You can, and as a matter of fact home designing is probably the only time you get to eat your cake and still have it,or in other words, have your home design fantasies fulfilled while conforming to basic architectural standards. All you need to do is consult with a home design expert. They will help in fine-tuning your design choices into a more compliant fit, and if you’re short for ideas, can even help you in picking out a design theme that resonates with your preferences. 

Overall, building a home is not as difficult or tedious as it sounds. What it is, is a more exciting and pragmatic way to go about owning a home. Do it the right way, and you’re going to be glad you went the home building route when the beauty of all its bespoke attributes come to life .









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