What is a Build Coach?


A Build Coach is your Personal Building Genie! Ok, they can’t make your dream home appear out of thin air, but they are gurus that will guide you through your building journey.

When you first come to White Box, our tinkering matchmakers will match you with Build Coach based on the area of town you’ve chosen, the type of homes and some other nifty details that makes them the perfect fit for you.

This will happen after you’ve filled out the new home quiz and designed your initial profile. They’ll reach out to you to answer any immediate questions, and then, they’re at your disposal  on a moments notice if you have questions on the platform, your house, builder, floor plans, you name it!

Here’s just a few things that your Build Coach can do you for:

  1. How can I best use Whitebox?
  2. Tell me more about ABC Homes?
  3. Can you help me explore what the best builders are in Montgomery location?
  4. What is the average selling price of a home in Hyde Park?
  5. Are there any new developments coming available in Mason”
  6. Are you a scorpio?

Of course, these details can be for any community. Our localized, build Coach’s help to best serve you by having on the ground knowledge of each community and the key players!

So, as you get started, use your Build Coach! They’re here to help you!!

And if you don’t believe us, let them prove it to you…




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