Scroggins Build Beyond

As well as helping families on their journey to their perfect home, Scroggins can build or develop the perfect premises for your business. Our years of experience consulting with commercial clients allow us to make your journey to the perfect site as stress-free as possible.  Our goal is to craft exceptional buildings, trusted relationships and lifelong satisfaction.

- Steve Scroggins, President


Whether you’re building your dream home, developing land or consulting with us, your journey with us will follow the five-step “Scroggins way.”

1. Consultation

Every project begins with a face-to-face conversation with Steve Scroggins. During this meeting Steve will listen to your needs and your budget, and offer a unique solution tailored to you. Steve will assess your land, your home needs and your dreams, and begin to plan the process to build your ideal property.

2. Design

After we have a clear understanding of your needs and dreams, we begin the design phase. In the design phase, we explore all of the possibilities for your land and home. We don’t just consider how your home will serve you today, we also think about how it will fit your needs in the future. Scroggins works collaboratively with our clients, sharing many concepts and studies, to ensure that the vision of your custom home matches the architectural drawings and renderings.

3. Bidding

Often when building custom projects, budgets can creep and original expectations are left behind. At Scroggins, we honor and respect your financial goals throughout the home building process. During the bidding phase, we aim to give you options that match your intentions and budget, while not sacrificing quality craftsmanship.

4. Construction

Scroggins will act as your single point of contact throughout the land development and home building process. We’ll communicate directly with you throughout the process as needed, minimizing your stress load and making sure your expectations are continually met at every milestone along the way. 

5. Completion

Scroggins will walk with you as you transition into your new home, helping you get acquainted with what, up until now, only existed in your imagination. By the time you settle in, you will know your house more intimately than anyone else. We’re not finished until your new house becomes your new home.


Current Home Sites:

10285 Pendry - Montgomery

7715 Westwind - Montgomery

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