Hoffmaster Homes

Hoffmaster Homes has built a reputation based on high standards, quality craftsmanship and personalized service. We focus on the customer experience and will work diligently with you from designing your floor plan to finishing the final touches. As a family-owned and operated business, we feel honored to help your dreams come true in the communities where families live, work and grow together.

At Hoffmaster Homes, we consider ourselves a different kind of builder because our vision can be simply stated this way:  We want our homeowners to enjoy the experience of building their new home just as much as they enjoy living in their new home. We understand that there are no shortcuts. Every detail of your home is important and we know that trust, quality and integrity combined with the strong relationships are essential to the homebuilding process.

Our goal is to truly personalize the custom home building process because we believe you expect not only an exceptional home, but also an enjoyable experience.

The Hoffmaster Homes experience begins with a commitment to you and what you are really looking for in your new home.  We are focused on your needs and what features are important to you, while also exploring the latest design trends that are being incorporated into new homes today.  You will discover throughout the entire process that our communication, attention to detail and high building standards reinforce the quality building experience of living in a new Hoffmaster custom built home.

We want to help you achieve your dreams of designing, building and living in your dream house.

With Hoffmaster Homes as your builder, you can expect a very customer-oriented experience along with a well-built, custom home.

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